About Us

Christina Cornell and Julia Page are founders of Link Placement Agency located in Encinitas, California. Their interests came together when they saw a gap in the market for care recruitment. There are a lot of families looking for nurturing, reliable and experienced caregivers and there are a lot of caregivers in the area looking for employment, but somehow they were just not connecting.

Knowing deeply, what a family looks for when finding the right fit, and with experience as nannies themselves, Christina and Julia founded Link Placement Agency. Link Placement Agency also helps place Nannies, Live-in Nannies, Babysitters, Infant Care Specialists, Personal Assistants and Household Managers, Tutors, Special Needs/Disabilities Caregivers, Senior Caregivers, and House Cleaners and Housekeepers.

Let us do what we are best at and find you an amazing candidate!

Christina Cornell and Julia Page of Link Placement Agency