Link Placement Agency also helps candidates in need of a job! We work with clients in need of Nannies, Live-in Nannies, Occasional Babysitters, Temporary Babysitters, Backup Babysitters, Infant Care Specialists, Disabilities/Special Needs Caregivers, House Cleaners, Housekeepers, Household Managers, Personal Assistants, and Tutors. Check out the open positions we have right now! You can apply for a job here. If you do not see a job that meets your needs at the moment, please fill out an application and we will keep you in our files. We are constantly receiving new job listings, we suggest you check back on a weekly basis for anything new! If we feel a position meets your needs, we will reach out to you directly and see if you are interested. We are looking forward to link you with the right family!

Once you are hired, we no longer participate in your employment. We don’t take any money out of your paycheck. If you are in need of more hours, let us know and we will do our best to help you fill those hours!

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Current Candidate Rates

Wages vary depending on the candidate's experience, as well as different factors, such as how many children will be cared for, job duties and how many hours the candidate will be working. Candidates do expect to be paid a gas allowance if they are driving to/from activities.

Live-in caregiver: $600-$800/wk + room/board (based on 40-50 working hours/week)
  • Full-time caregiver: $15-25/hr
  • Part-time caregiver: $15-$25/hr
  • Occasional babysitter: $16-$25/hr
  • Back-up sitter/temporary: $15-20/hr
Infant care specialist (day or night): $20-$35/hr (more for multiples or special needs)
  • Disabilities/special needs: $20-50/hr
  • House cleaner: $18-25/hr
  • Housekeeper: $15-20/hr
  • Personal assistant: $15-25/hr
  • Household manager: $20-30/hr
  • Tutor: $18-40/hr