So, how do you go about finding someone you can trust in your home? Finding a good candidate can be a lengthy and tedious process. Link Placement Agency will get it right and you can rest easy knowing that your loved one is in the right hands.

We do all the work for you! We interview the candidates over the phone and then we do an in depth in person interview or video call interview. We also check 5 references (3 professional and 2 personal) and create a brief biography on one or two candidates. The next step would be for you to meet with them. If you decide to move forward with the hiring process, we would run a thorough background check (Criminal & MVR) and the link is made!

To start our search, we charge a one-time, non-refundable, Registration Fee of $250.00. Once you have hired the candidate, we charge a non-refundable Placement Fee. The placement fee varies depending on the job requirements and the amount of hours offered. We know the cost of childcare can be expensive, so we offer the option to pay the placement fee in six monthly payments. You can also pay it in full, at the time of official hire.

Take a look at our competitive placement fees:

Live-in caregiver: $600 (we also charge this price for anyone looking for 40+ hours a week)

Full-time caregiver: $500 (30 hours minimum and 40 hours maximum a week)

Part-time caregiver: $400 (11 hours minimum and 29 hours maximum a week)

Babysitter: $300 (under 10 hours a week)

Back-up babysitter: $250 a week or $50 a day (not to exceed 12 hours a day)

Infant care nanny (day or night): $600 (not to exceed 12 hours a day)

Disabilities/special needs caregiver: $500 (not to exceed 8 hours a day)

Housekeeper: $400 (not to exceed 8 hours a day)

House cleaner: $300 (not to exceed 8 hours a day)

Household manager: $500 (not to exceed 10 hours a day)

Personal assistant:  $450 (not to exceed 10 hours a day)

Tutor: $300 (not to exceed 8 hours a day)

All candidates undergo a thorough background check upon hire. The Link Placement Agency background check includes Criminal and Motor Vehicle Report. Candidates are given registration information for Trustline.